Natural Happiness – Getting Off Antidepressants

Getting off antidepressants – A Complementary alternative

Are you ready to begin weaning off antidepressants with the support of your GP?

If this is you, there is an ideal natural medicine approach to support you through this process… Homeopathy.

Partnering you in creating Natural Happiness.

How we begin:

In your first consultation we start your health and well being conversation with a health stocktake:

  • Where is your health and well being now?
  • Where would you love your health and well being to be in 12 months?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • Why is your health and well being where it is now?
  • Understanding and identifying the events and circumstances that contributed to changes in your mood and optimism for the future.

Finding the underlying cause of depression gives you a fresh start – now homeopathic treatment can help you create a healthy emotional state.

Depression shows up in different ways for different people… it can be sadness, for others it may be an anxious feeling and another a withdrawn, alone feeling.

What’s great for you about homeopathy?

The focus is on you as an individual – every person’s health story is different.

Homeopathy begins with understanding you – so we can identify your specific individual prescription.

Step 1:
Your health conversation – we listen to you.
Step 2:
Your case information is analysed through a unique process that indicates your personal prescription.
Step 3:
Your homeopathic prescription is tailored to you and how depression specifically shows up in the individual.
Something about remedies gives you your natural prescription easy to take.

Feeling the results:
As your body responds to your natural prescription:
• Contentment takes the place of sadness and tears
• Calm takes the place of feeling anxious
• A sense of belonging takes the place of withdrawal

Step 4:
Your next conversation – this is a process of support
… we meet on a fortnightly basis to…

We partner you through the process

This is the unique difference for you with homeopathy

Many men, women and children have recreated a healthy emotional state with the assistance of my 4 step health and well being process for getting off antidepressants.

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