Homeopathy Is An Effective Treatment Method For The Common Cold

Homeopathic medicine has been helping patients for over two hundred years since it was founded by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. his research included experiments on himself and volunteers to determine the homeopathic benefits from many substances, and today more than 2000 have been catalogued.

Common ColdHis research dates back to Hippocrates, whom most consider the Father of Medicine and is based on “like cures like.” The second principle is that of using the minimum dose necessary for a response and the third being that one homeopathic medicine at a time should be used to accurately gauge the response of the patient.

Recognized by the World Health Organization and many other prestigious groups, homeopathy can benefit patients with chronic issues and those with acute illness, such as the common cold. The sooner remedies are employed, the less likely the condition will progress. For instance, some people with weakened systems that allow a cold to go unchecked may end up with pneumonia.

Every year, countless people miss work and children school due to catching a cold. These missed days can cause financial hardship or children to miss vital lessons. However, you can take steps to minimize your risks and to treat your cold holistically as soon as you begin to experience symptoms.

To minimize the risk of colds and many other unwanted health conditions, you should wash your hands regularly, avoid rubbing your face with your hands and make smart lifestyle choices. For instance, get adequate rest and eat healthy foods to boost your immune system. Maintaining a positive outlook on life can also be beneficial.

The first signs of a cold may include a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and coughing. The exact symptoms you are experiencing will help your homeopathic provider to determine which medication will best help to relieve your symptoms. You should continue to rest and drink healthy fluids while you wait for your appointment and during treatment. Both actions will help to support your immune system.

You can add lemon to your water as another way to help your system. Although acidic in nature, it will help to alkalize your body. Since cold germs, along with many other infectious agents, thrive in an acidic environment, this will help to make your body an inhospitable environment for them.

Your homeopathic provider will have a questionnaire for you to fill out that provides information regarding your medical history and your current symptoms. To ensure you are properly prepared for the appointment, you should make notes before the appointment regarding how long you have not been feeling well, which symptoms arose first and the ones that are most troubling now.

The practitioner will then prescribe certain herbs, vitamins, and/or homeopathic medications in order to give your body the tools needed to boost instinctive healing to take place. You can shorten the duration and the severity of your cold. Follow up with your provider to keep your health records up to date.

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